Hello! My name is Ziva, the Dark Empress of All, Bidwell, and this is my blog.

I live in the cold and white land of Mee-shee-ghan, where I rule the world from my castle. Mom and Dad also live here, as well as Mom’s other “children,” suh-pose-ebly my “sisters.” I have deemed them to only ever be called, “Demons.”

I started writing blogs a couple years ago. I lived with Mom and Uncle Jamey in a weird place called a “basement uh-part-mint.” All kinds of strange things happened then! The Demons weren’t there, so that was ah-sum. That’s also when I met Dad! But the people upstairs were loud, and had a crazy dog that was nothing like the dogs I lived with before. Them, I liked. “It was the best of times, it was the wurst of times.”

I like cat-nip mice, mice on fishing poles, plastic, grass, watching “the out” through the castle windows and giant glass door, following Mom around, and sleeping right between Mom and Dad.

And canned food.

I told Mom once that I like Doctor Who and Star Trek, but she hasn’t gotten me a big enough TARDIS yet to make me happy.

I do not like when the Demons have my toys, or when they bat at me through my safety gates, or going outside or to the vet, or being kept out of the bedroom when Mom is asleep and Dad says I’m too loud, or smelly spray cans when being sprayed. Oh! And I hate when there is crumbs in my food bowl!!!

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